Monday, January 6, 2014

It Felt So Right

The felt is one of the more important parts of a pool table. It’s the place where your cue sticks and the frame balls see action– and where dreams are made and shattered. Any way you put it, a good felt sheet will help enhance the appearance of that dream table you want for your den, so how do you pick the best fit?

Start by analyzing your game room’s overall finish and taking note of their various design cues. They will include the colors of the paneling, the floor, and various pieces of furniture. Think about the potential mood and atmosphere you’re eyeing for the room as well. Once you have the above points down pat, you can then consult your table maker regarding your preferences.

It is important for the colors of the felt to meld succinctly with the rest of the room and avoid potential eyesore issues. For instance, some veteran players are not keen on using felt of any shade of red because the color can affect their perception of the ball and eventually their performance. In many respects, if your room is meant to show your affinity for a team, you may consider having the felt emblazoned with the team logo and the pool table itself decked in the team’s official colors.

The felt must be something that will last a long time. You may want to hone your cue skills on the same table for years.