Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pool Tables for Sale for Family Use: Important Factors to Consider

A durable top and frame is useless if the pool table’s legs are not strong enough to bear the weight. The legs take the most toll when players lean against the table to take a shot, or even sit atop the equipment. For this reason, buyers should look into sturdy materials like slate and hardwood for the legs as well. A game of pool isn’t just beneficial for adults; kids can learn and have fun from it as well. The important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a pool table is to look for one with features designed for constant use. Fortunately, established pool table manufacturers like Pharaoh Manufacturing offer a huge line of products for the enjoyment of families.

Friday, November 28, 2014

High Stakes at Home: Owning a Poker Table

Poker is one of the most beloved card games the world over; in fact, there is even a World Tournament for it. Whether you are playing in a casino for high stakes, or at home with your family and friends, all poker needs is a deck of playing cards and a decent table for all participants to sit around. While acquiring the cards is not much of a problem, a good poker table can be quite challenging to secure.

Choosing Custom Pool Tables for Rec Rooms: When Space is an Issue

Crowe writes that a spare room can be transformed into a crafts room, an entertainment center, library, home office, yoga studio, and even a playroom specifically for pets. Most of these choices though are not ideal for those couples who often want to have guests over. For them, Crowe suggests a game room instead. A game room can be equipped according to the couples’ liking: a Ping-Pong table if they have a fondness for table tennis, a simple flat table if they like card games, or a pool table if they’re fanatics of the sport. If couples go with the last option, they need to decide between buying custom pool tables or ready-made.

Fill Your Game Room with These Suggestions

A game room is a perfect place for you and your family to have fun. Instead of going outside for a game or craps or card, why not be safe and comfortable at home. However, the question is what sort of games and features should your game room have. Here are some suggestions to fill up all that space.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How Billiards and Beer Benefit Seniors

Different studies have been conducted to prove how helpful pool sports and liquor are in improving the heart health of seniors. A study by a researcher in Denmark found that spending time around billiard tables and consuming beer at least four times a week can actually improve a man’s quality of living in his golden years. Conclusion? Moderate alcohol use (one to three drinks per day) does improve heart health, circulation, and sociability – three areas seniors need to pay close attention to. 

Buying Poker Tables for Sale: Choosing One that Fits You Like a Glove

Part of the poker experience is seeing how smoothly the cards slide across the table, and the quality of the poker table felt surface has a major role in it. Mix states that table surfaces aren’t actually made of “felt”, though players have been using the term, as felt isn’t that smooth. Speed cloth—composed of olefin and polyester—is the common material utilized, while velveteen is preferred for lower-end versions. Some groups use the poker table felt to show their loyalty to a professional sports team, incorporating colors and patterns unique to their favorites. Custom poker table makers like Pharaoh Manufacturing can create a table layout according to your preferences.

Pets and Pool Table: Not a Good Match

There is no question that you love your pet so much; after all, it isn’t called man’s best friend for nothing. Whether it’s a pooch or its feline equivalent, the thing is, your fondness for it extends to the privilege of letting your pet freely roam anywhere in the house—even in your man-cave where your keep your prized pool table.

The bad news is that your overindulged pooch has found the perfect place in your house to relieve itself—right at your pool table’s legs. Your cat, on the other hand, has found the felt-lined table as the ideal bed for its afternoon siesta. Before you surrender to the idea that it’s OK for your pet to ‘irrigate’ your pool table where you believe you need only to simply wipe the liquid off, know that urine is highly corrosive. Cat lovers, too, beware. Sharp claws can rip the table felt and leather pockets to shreds.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Family Game Room at Home Needs Adequate Thinking, Thorough Building

Poring over what game pieces to move can be challenging but stressful if the environment is slightly awkward-looking. With that in mind, you can consider having a proper entertainment place built at home through game room design experts like the team from Pharaoh Manufacturing. What to play Part of the challenge in having a room remodeled into a game room is taking stock of what everybody usually plays. Laymon said you have to ask yourself what games they already play and they are interested to learn. Only then you can budget for the game room furniture pieces you really want to put in.

Factors to Consider When Buying Pool Tables

Cue sports and games are an effective math skill-enhancing activity for your children. If you want them to love what most people don’t—numbers—in a pretty exciting way, consider putting up a pool table in your house. Parents should look into these key features when shopping for pool tables if they want to enjoy a hassle- and accident-free game of pool every day with their kids:


A good number of pool table makers attest to the usefulness of slate as a table top. Slate is the most fitting material since it can easily be ground, guaranteeing an even and flat surface. In addition, the fact that slate is essentially a rock or shale is a big plus, since it equals optimum durability.

Enjoy Game Nights with the Ideal Poker Table

Poker night at your house would look a lot better if it were around a proper poker table and not the kitchen dining table. Thus, for more serious game fun, you’ll need to pick and purchase the right poker table. Here are some tips:

Group Size and Game Frequency

Your choice of poker table depends on the number of people you usually host for the game, as well as the frequency of the games. A single table can sit up to 10 people; increasing the number would only give the players a chance to look at each other’s hands. If you have more than 10 players, you can install a second table and spread out the players evenly in the two tables. If you host poker games at least one night every week, or intend to, a single custom-built table may suffice.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hitting the Sturdy Craps Table and Dispel Fears on Rolling the Dice

Rolling in at a craps table can be exhilarating even as a crowd builds up and cheers with your every roll. When that is one of many quality craps tables for sale that companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing have, it may be a more different experience, but why should you try the game to begin with? Easy Buy-In Buying into a craps game will not be that hard on your wallet. The blog writer said you can expect to pay not more than $10 worth of chips at the most, but you do not have to pay for any bets when there’s a roll in play. You will be tasked to do your first roll, or “come out” and mark a point number which you must hit; as long as the dice adds between four and six or eight and ten, you can continue rolling, but your turn ends if you hit seven.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Well-placed Office Furniture Improves Productivity

If you want your employees working better, why not go for an open workspace? Also known as the “collaborative workspace”, the open office plan has done away with cubicles and partitions, arranging individual working stations close to each other, with a space intended for group activities set right in the middle. The purpose of such a plan is to encourage collaboration and communication among employees.

To achieve the objectives of any office space plan, however, the furniture has to be carefully selected. For example, modular office furniture may be used for the open, collaborative space; while elegant, executive office furniture would be appropriate in areas where employees can focus on getting work done without much distraction.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Placing Billiard Tables in Your Home: Try Making Some Room First!

Anyway you put it, a billiard table is always a great piece of entertainment for family and friends. In some cases, there are ace cue stars who started their journey at a dingy pool hall and spent hours working on their game. If you’re in need of a pool table for your house to practice your cue skills, a company like Pharaoh Manufacturing can hook you up with a few custom billiard tables for sale. There are some locations that can be worth putting your new table in. Garage A pool table for the garage can be amenable as long as you want it as the centerpiece. You may need to remodel the garage as another room and measure the dimensions. Some experts claim that the regular size of a pool table for home use is eight feet long, with a play area’s dimensions measuring 44 inches by 88. You may need to reevaluate your insulation and ventilation options, as the humidity may affect the playing surface.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Before you Make your Game Room

You are excited about designing your very own game room, a place you feel you can use to unwind from the stress and fatigue of a long workday.  Before you order all your equipment, consider the room itself and how it should look.  Here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, think of where you will set up your game room. Will it be at a corner of the living room, in the basement, or a spare room in the house? The usual choice would be the basement, because it’s away from the hustle and bustle upstairs, and has enough space for all your gaming equipment, and then some. Any room in your house will do, as long as it allows enough privacy for other people to do their business.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Unknown Benefits of Playing Poker

Professional poker is more than just gambling an exorbitant amount of money; to poker fans, the game can actually teach you a thing or two about life. Before you even play for the high stakes and you probably have every intention to, why not get yourself a custom poker table and practice all you need until you acquire the skills of a pro.

Poker enhances your computing skills. Studies have proven that those who play competitive poker are sharpening their expertise at probabilities with every bet they place. An aptitude in math helps, but so do a bit of psychology in reading body language and knowing enough to play your skill level to be able to read the players and the cards on the table.

Craps Table Etiquette

Craps is known as a rather boisterous game with players gathered all around the table bursting in excitement. However, the seeming rowdiness doesn’t mean there’s a complete lack of etiquette.

-       Never put your money down while a player is rolling/about to roll the dice, especially when you’re buying in for chips. All craps players are looking to win, and putting your money down prematurely causes a disruption that may seven-out a game.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

How do Billiards, Snooker, and Pool Differ?

To the untrained eye, billiards, pool, and snooker may seem identical where in each, the game is played by trying to hit a ball into a table pocket through a strike against a cue ball. Highly similar as they may seem to be to each other, the three games differ in various ways.

Balls – Their balls differ in size. In pool, the standard size is 2 ¼ inches, while ball sizes in snooker vary according to country. Americans use larger, 2 1/8-inch balls, while the British use smaller, 2 1/16-inch ones. Billiard ball size also vary by geography and design, but in general, billiard balls are larger than both pool and snooker balls.

Slate: The Best Surface for the Best Pool Tables

Ever wondered why pool tables are incredibly heavy? That’s (partly) because they’re built with one of the heaviest and most durable naturally-occurring materials on the planet: slate. Yes, underneath that greenish cloth on the best pool tables is a rock that you’ll also find in walkways and roofs.