Friday, November 28, 2014

High Stakes at Home: Owning a Poker Table

Poker is one of the most beloved card games the world over; in fact, there is even a World Tournament for it. Whether you are playing in a casino for high stakes, or at home with your family and friends, all poker needs is a deck of playing cards and a decent table for all participants to sit around. While acquiring the cards is not much of a problem, a good poker table can be quite challenging to secure.

Although players can use any table or surface to play poker, it is best played on a table built specifically for the game. Poker tables are covered either with a layer of baize (a type of felt) or “speed cloth” (Teflon-coated fabric). These materials allow the cards to be easily dealt across the table, unlike other surfaces which might make the cards cling. Poker tables are often padded around the edges, to allow players to lean on the table. Aside from these features, some poker tables might even have cup holders, so that players can stow their drinks aside while they play.

It can be pricey to purchase a poker table, and some are simply too big for home use. Those interested in buying one might want to consider having one custom built for their own game and recreation rooms. By commissioning a custom poker table, owners have the freedom to choose how their tables appear, what materials are used, and how many players can play on the table.