Monday, November 17, 2014

Craps Table Etiquette

Craps is known as a rather boisterous game with players gathered all around the table bursting in excitement. However, the seeming rowdiness doesn’t mean there’s a complete lack of etiquette.

-       Never put your money down while a player is rolling/about to roll the dice, especially when you’re buying in for chips. All craps players are looking to win, and putting your money down prematurely causes a disruption that may seven-out a game.

-       When it’s your turn to roll the dice, always remember to take your time, but never take too long. Some craps players have been known to chip in their so-called “rituals” in an attempt to bolster their chances of winning, but such rituals consume too much time and slows the game down.

-       Don’t put your hands directly on the craps table, or even make late bets. If you feel the need to make a last-second bet before the dice roll, drop your chips down quickly in a location where they wouldn’t interfere with the dice roll.

-       As much as possible, never leave after you’ve successfully completed a Come Out roll. Such habit is considered taboo in craps.

-     Even if you lose, you still normally have to tip the dealers. It’s considered tradition, and other players at the table (especially the veteran players) adhere to this practice.  

Follow these simple rules, and you should be able to enjoy a great craps game without embarrassing yourself.