Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How Billiards and Beer Benefit Seniors

Different studies have been conducted to prove how helpful pool sports and liquor are in improving the heart health of seniors. A study by a researcher in Denmark found that spending time around billiard tables and consuming beer at least four times a week can actually improve a man’s quality of living in his golden years. Conclusion? Moderate alcohol use (one to three drinks per day) does improve heart health, circulation, and sociability – three areas seniors need to pay close attention to. 

Billiards beats card games
The perception of senior recreation in the last three decades was limited to card games and watching television. These days, wherein life expectancies get pushed forward due to medical advances, older folks do more and live a lot longer. A team of researchers from the University of Copenhagen’s Center for Healthy Aging observed elderly males aged 70 to 95 as they socialized in bars and activity centers. The researchers saw how billiards and pool are ideal games for this age group. 

Take the fun home
Having a billiards table at home would not only be convenient for the seniors, but would also give friends and relatives peace of mind, knowing their loved ones are enjoying themselves safely at home rather than in a place full of strangers. What’s more, billiard tables can be customized by manufacturers to meet personal preferences, so the game amenities needn’t be too expensive and adapt to the unique requirements of their players.