Saturday, December 20, 2014

Decorate with Modern Office Furniture for Upscale Living over the Shop

When you want to create an elegant and compelling home office, you can’t decorate it like everyday workplace cubicles with humdrum desks, chairs, and cabinets. Shop for stylish, upscale furniture built specifically for contemporary executives. Find statement pieces like a plush sofa, a sleek conference table, or accent corner stands to complete the modern look of your office and to improve its functionality, too. When you have specific business or workplace requirements, consult established companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing for high-quality custom office furniture. If you need items printed with your company logo, or bigger-than-the-standard-size seats and tables, for instance, the company can build it for you. Deluxe materials, superior designs, and your choice of colors and fabrics would also be used to satisfy the precise needs of your luxury home over the shop.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Are You Buying Modern Home Office Furniture? Be Picky for Productivity

When furnishing your home office, select items that look professional and make work enjoyable or efficient. Invest on the furniture that you will use every day, such as your seats, tables, and cabinetry. Most especially, find a well-designed chair with ample support for an ideal posture (and a desk with an appropriate height to match), so you can work for long hours comfortably and avoid body pains and strains. Purchasing custom home office furniture, which are offered by companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing, would ensure that you get items which exactly suit your needs. Consult the firm for furniture that fit your preferences or decor style, so you can be on your way to a productive home office setup.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Poker and Pool Tables for Sale: How Many You Need for Hosting Games

Pool tournaments, on the other hand, can have around 6-10 participants. One table can suffice if your players typically watch each other’s games. If you want games to be played side-by-side or if you want to give non-playing participants a chance to practice during a game, you can purchase more tables as long as they fit your room. If you’re planning to host fundraisers or big company events, however, and you have the space for it, consider the sum of your expected participants. Of course, you also need playing accessories and implements like decks of cards, chips and chip cases, billiard balls, cue sticks, etc. Aside from providing a top-of-the-line pool table for sale or a well-designed poker table, leading game furniture producers like Pharaoh Manufacturing offer matching gaming supplies and products to complete your setup.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Comfort Goes with Productivity

Human resources keep a business going, distractions hinder on their productivity. That’s why you need to make the work place comfy and inspiring to bring out creativity on them. Free snacks can help as food on a tummy helps the brain. However, if you want them to be comfortable then a functional floor plan with complementing furniture is a must have. 



Take another look on how you do things on your business first in order to have a floor plan that works. If employees require constant communication amongst each other to do the job, then an open floor plan works. If privacy is a must to reach a common objective, then sectioning is a must.




Unfortunately, retail furniture can ruin your floor plan, especially when you did precise measurements on your blueprints. Good thing Pharaoh Manufacturing has your back with a specialization of home office furniture and modern office furniture. They create desks, cabinets, conference tables, office chairs, corner stands, conference tables, and flat screen stands that go with your vision. You won’t have to request it, because they already know that each piece should go with the proper ergonomics that inspire productivity; safety standards that ensure no harm from its use; modularity/flexibility for adjustments in ease; wire management for power access; and aesthetics not only for style, but for inspiration as well. Let’s start the collaboration right by visiting our “How to Order” page at then get in touch with one of our reps at 818.553.6655. They dream office spaces a reality!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spotting Makes of Custom Pool Tables for Your Cool Office Game Room

Kate Harrison, Forbes contributor, asked tech companies what the most attractive employee perks for them are. Game rooms were one of the resounding responses. In revamping your office lounge, a recreation area would be a good bet to please your staff, and classic games like pool can delight many of your employees, regardless of the generation they belong to. If you already have a great room and you just need to furnish it, here are some tips for spotting a special make of custom pool tables for a cool game room in your office.

Friday, December 12, 2014

It’s Time to Buy Poker Tables for Sale and Get Yourself into the Sport

Since their introduction, card games have been hardly thought of as a sport. After all, the word ‘sport’ tends to connote physical exertion in an outdoor setting, often with a ball. Irene Edith, a contributor to Gaming Today, begs to differ, saying that she can support the proposition that poker qualifies as a sport, and have everyone running to snap up some quality poker tables for sale.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Game Room at Home Means More Fun and Quality Time with Loved Ones

On one hand, forward-thinking homeowners may request their architects to integrate a game room in the home’s design. On the other, resourceful homeowners can simply make the best of what they have, repurposing existing or unused rooms to fit their gaming needs. Whatever they decide on, three prerequisites for game rooms remain: sound-proofing, storage for food and beverages, and comfortable seating. For maximum comfort and luxury, handcrafted game room furniture from companies such as Pharaoh Manufacturing are recommended.

Rookie Mistake!

No man is an island when it comes to the great game of poker. Introverts can have a hard time because this type of gaming offered by casinos requires a lot of socialization. This is due to the fact that you’re not playing against the house, but with other players.

Working with a strategy will not be frowned upon, and it might be safe to assumed it’s encouraged. The downside if you’re a “newbie” is a lot of battle tested veterans out there will eat you for lunch. No matter how much you act cool; you can’t help but give up cues on each hand played. This leads to a lot of frustration instead of fun. 



Practice Should Be Fun.

Becoming a master takes a lot of practice. That’s why you need to take advantage of the game’s social attribute. Setting up poker night with friends would help you build up confidence. And a great opportunity for you to adjust your vibes with bluffing, small talk, betting patterns, and etiquette on the poker table while playing with “small stakes.” This way you build up skill slowly, but surely. While also mastering different types of poker styles namely Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Stud, and Pineapple.


When you have friends come over to help you out for fun, you might want to be the best host by fixing up the game room. People might say they won’t mind playing poker anywhere, but that’s no reason to play on patio furniture. Fix the place up with the right stuff such a proper poker table, cards, chips, and other accessories. This effort will be greatly appreciated, and increases the chance of getting them back over and over for you practice.

And, when you need proper poker table get in touch with where they have all the casino supplies that you need. Don’t forget to be thorough on their site, you might find items that you need that increase the appeal of poker nights among your friends.

Monday, December 8, 2014

What’s a True Man-cave without a Big Flat Screen TV and Craps Table?

You can’t have all the big boy toys in the world, so prioritize the hobby or game you indulge in the most. Will it be the huge flat screen television for watching the big games, or the old-school arcade games? A custom poker table from businesses like Pharaoh Manufacturing would make your poker nights the highlight of everyone’s week. If you like rolling the dice but can’t spring for the custom job, there’s definitely a quality craps table for sale somewhere out there. D├ęcor and furnishing If you plan to establish a theme for your man-cave, start with the room color then work your way down to the decorations, then the furniture and accessories. If the NBA or NFL are what you’re into, hang sports uniforms or team pennants on the wall. If automobiles are your thing, car-themed furniture and scale models should create the perfect atmosphere. Your passion is what will fuel your creativity, so go ahead and have fun with it.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Billiard Tables and Beer Make Growing Older Healthier and More Fun

Having a billiards table at home would not only be convenient for the seniors, but would also give friends and relatives peace of mind, knowing their loved ones are enjoying themselves safely at home rather than in some tavern full of strangers. What’s more, billiard tables can be customized by companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing to meet personal preferences, so the game amenities needn’t be too expensive and adapt to the unique requirements of their players.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Transform a Guestroom Into a Home Office

The best thing about working at home is the combined benefit of comfort and efficiency. It’s a tricky business to balance work productivity especially when you’re surrounded by distractions at home. To make sure that your productiveness does not get squelched by the comforts of working in your own home, set limits and separate yourself from common house interruptions. Instead, create a private working space that you can call your own home office and maximize your space, time, and output creation.

Top 4 Home Office Design Considerations

1.) Equipment. Your home office furniture can either help you increase efficiency or impede your productivity. Find the right equipment and feel like a professional at home.

2.) Lighting. Choose a room that offers a lot of natural sunlight, daylight is an evenly balanced source of white light which is essential to give you the right office vibe.

3.) Privacy. Cancelling out noise and other distractions during home office hours is necessary to help you keep you concentrated on the job to be done.

4.) Get Organized. Having all your office supplies within reach saves you time. The right home office furniture can help you keep things organized.

Make It Your Space

In the long run, the purpose of a home office is to create a space that is a connection to you and your personality while enhancing your productivity. Comfort and style can go hand in hand when making your home office, make sure that the room you convert into your private workspace is a place you enjoying being in. Being able to balance work, comfort, and your own personal style will surely enhance the output you create while inside your home office.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

High Quality Office Furniture Helps Enhance Employee Productivity

Office furniture can speak volumes about a business and the kind of image it wants to project to its market. Thus, a company that wants to stand out and be known for quality service and/or products must also make use of high quality office furniture, such as those from Pharaoh Manufacturing. It is not only the customers that businesses should aim to impress with their furniture, but also the employees. Just as an office space plan has a great effect on employee productivity, so does the furniture. The ideal modern office furniture combines functionality and design to enhance morale, and in the process, improve effectiveness.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Custom Pool Tables: From wild & wacky to techie and tacky

Who would have thought that humble pool tables for sale could be created and re-created in so many shapes and forms? While some stuck to the traditional rectangular format and got creative with the materials, others completely changed the look of the pool table and let their imagination run wild.

The Volkswagen bus pool table

This pool table maintains the traditional form except that it is sits lengthwise on top of a headless 1960s Volkswagen camper bus with the front logo, headlights, and tires all intact. A similar version using half of a Ford Mustang is sure to stand out in some car junkie’s game room.

Buying a Poker Table to Get into the Sport?

There’s an ongoing debate on whether or not card games should be considered as sport. If the common connotation of sport – that is physical exertion in an outdoor setting – is to be factored in, then the debate is won by antagonists.

Definition of “sport”

As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, sport is defined as “a source of diversion” and “physical activity engaged in for pleasure”. Both descriptions fit poker perfectly. We play poker to distract ourselves and escape temporarily from the real world, while sitting at the table and focusing on the dealt cards is a form of physical activity, at least for the brain. If chess is classified as a sedentary sport, then maybe poker should be as well.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tips for Buying Quality Home Office Furniture for Optimum Productivity

Choosing modern home office furniture also depends on how stay-at-home workers plan to use their space. A good option for maximizing space is the L-shaped layout, where one side of an L-shaped desk is placed against the wall. This layout provides sufficient room for people to use their computer equipment, keep paper files within reach, while giving them leeway to move around. Consider ergonomics Using computers for work tasks make people prone to repetitive stress injuries or RSI. To minimize RSI, people can use an ergonomic chair. This chair provides them with enough support for their back while they maintain an upright and relaxed arch position. This chair also allows them to rest their feet firmly on the ground while they work. Some manufacturers offer elegant swivel chairs that come with a height adjusting mechanism.

Tips on Designing Your Own Game Room

It’s the ultimate way to entertain guests, it’s a sure way to be the favorite house on the block, it’s fun for all and increasing in popularity. Personal game rooms are the dream for most people who are tired of their dark and damp basement or their dusty and cluttered attics and want to maximize the use of the available space. The trick to designing your own entertainment area is to consider the overall look and feel of the room, since you will be spending a lot of time within those four walls. The problem most people encounter when designing and decorating their game room is figuring out how to make it look attractive while maintaining a sense of fun and ease. Here are some tips to consider:

Location, Lighting, and Lifestyle

It’s all about the location. If you have a basement that’s not being put to use, you can transform this underground room into an entertainment palace. An attic is also a good choice as natural sunlight can save you from expensive electric bills.

Lights, camera, time to get your game on. Mood lighting can give you a welcoming ambiance and make you feel relaxed. Fancy chandeliers with low wattage light bulbs are the most popular choice of lighting as it sets a romantic feel.

A luxurious lifestyle. Whether you are planning to create a home movie theater or a casinoesque acropolis, the way you design your entertainment room should depend on the lifestyle you are comfortable with.

Other Basics on Game Room Design

Since you have determined the most important aspects of your design, the small details will also help in creating the optimal look. Don’t forget to consider these following elements: 

• Optimal air flow.

• Classy and comfortable seating.

• Carpeting to match the floors.

• Painting, images, and books add a personal touch.

• Keep everything organized and avoid clutter.

• Finally, mood music should never be forgotten.

Game rooms are the ultimate source of entertainment, don’t miss out on any of the fun and build the entertainment center of your dreams now.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Tips on Decorating with Modern Office Furniture

Owners of small or large businesses are very mindful of efficiency when using resources. Time and space, for instance, are valuable resources that shouldn’t be wasted. One way they conserve them is by turning one of the rooms in their home into an office where they can do their job. This way, they can avoid traveling to their distant workplace and make the most of their homes’ idle spaces at the same time.

Planning to Add a Game Room?

There are many ways to enhance the value of your property. One of these is adding a game room to your home. Whether it’s a new room attached to your existing building or a touched up cellar, your game room can also be key to a stress-free living. Here, you don’t have to spend as much money in every game as you do in a real casino. You can play as much as you want and lose nothing.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pool Tables for Sale for Family Use: Important Factors to Consider

A durable top and frame is useless if the pool table’s legs are not strong enough to bear the weight. The legs take the most toll when players lean against the table to take a shot, or even sit atop the equipment. For this reason, buyers should look into sturdy materials like slate and hardwood for the legs as well. A game of pool isn’t just beneficial for adults; kids can learn and have fun from it as well. The important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a pool table is to look for one with features designed for constant use. Fortunately, established pool table manufacturers like Pharaoh Manufacturing offer a huge line of products for the enjoyment of families.

Friday, November 28, 2014

High Stakes at Home: Owning a Poker Table

Poker is one of the most beloved card games the world over; in fact, there is even a World Tournament for it. Whether you are playing in a casino for high stakes, or at home with your family and friends, all poker needs is a deck of playing cards and a decent table for all participants to sit around. While acquiring the cards is not much of a problem, a good poker table can be quite challenging to secure.

Choosing Custom Pool Tables for Rec Rooms: When Space is an Issue

Crowe writes that a spare room can be transformed into a crafts room, an entertainment center, library, home office, yoga studio, and even a playroom specifically for pets. Most of these choices though are not ideal for those couples who often want to have guests over. For them, Crowe suggests a game room instead. A game room can be equipped according to the couples’ liking: a Ping-Pong table if they have a fondness for table tennis, a simple flat table if they like card games, or a pool table if they’re fanatics of the sport. If couples go with the last option, they need to decide between buying custom pool tables or ready-made.

Fill Your Game Room with These Suggestions

A game room is a perfect place for you and your family to have fun. Instead of going outside for a game or craps or card, why not be safe and comfortable at home. However, the question is what sort of games and features should your game room have. Here are some suggestions to fill up all that space.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How Billiards and Beer Benefit Seniors

Different studies have been conducted to prove how helpful pool sports and liquor are in improving the heart health of seniors. A study by a researcher in Denmark found that spending time around billiard tables and consuming beer at least four times a week can actually improve a man’s quality of living in his golden years. Conclusion? Moderate alcohol use (one to three drinks per day) does improve heart health, circulation, and sociability – three areas seniors need to pay close attention to. 

Buying Poker Tables for Sale: Choosing One that Fits You Like a Glove

Part of the poker experience is seeing how smoothly the cards slide across the table, and the quality of the poker table felt surface has a major role in it. Mix states that table surfaces aren’t actually made of “felt”, though players have been using the term, as felt isn’t that smooth. Speed cloth—composed of olefin and polyester—is the common material utilized, while velveteen is preferred for lower-end versions. Some groups use the poker table felt to show their loyalty to a professional sports team, incorporating colors and patterns unique to their favorites. Custom poker table makers like Pharaoh Manufacturing can create a table layout according to your preferences.

Pets and Pool Table: Not a Good Match

There is no question that you love your pet so much; after all, it isn’t called man’s best friend for nothing. Whether it’s a pooch or its feline equivalent, the thing is, your fondness for it extends to the privilege of letting your pet freely roam anywhere in the house—even in your man-cave where your keep your prized pool table.

The bad news is that your overindulged pooch has found the perfect place in your house to relieve itself—right at your pool table’s legs. Your cat, on the other hand, has found the felt-lined table as the ideal bed for its afternoon siesta. Before you surrender to the idea that it’s OK for your pet to ‘irrigate’ your pool table where you believe you need only to simply wipe the liquid off, know that urine is highly corrosive. Cat lovers, too, beware. Sharp claws can rip the table felt and leather pockets to shreds.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Family Game Room at Home Needs Adequate Thinking, Thorough Building

Poring over what game pieces to move can be challenging but stressful if the environment is slightly awkward-looking. With that in mind, you can consider having a proper entertainment place built at home through game room design experts like the team from Pharaoh Manufacturing. What to play Part of the challenge in having a room remodeled into a game room is taking stock of what everybody usually plays. Laymon said you have to ask yourself what games they already play and they are interested to learn. Only then you can budget for the game room furniture pieces you really want to put in.

Factors to Consider When Buying Pool Tables

Cue sports and games are an effective math skill-enhancing activity for your children. If you want them to love what most people don’t—numbers—in a pretty exciting way, consider putting up a pool table in your house. Parents should look into these key features when shopping for pool tables if they want to enjoy a hassle- and accident-free game of pool every day with their kids:


A good number of pool table makers attest to the usefulness of slate as a table top. Slate is the most fitting material since it can easily be ground, guaranteeing an even and flat surface. In addition, the fact that slate is essentially a rock or shale is a big plus, since it equals optimum durability.

Enjoy Game Nights with the Ideal Poker Table

Poker night at your house would look a lot better if it were around a proper poker table and not the kitchen dining table. Thus, for more serious game fun, you’ll need to pick and purchase the right poker table. Here are some tips:

Group Size and Game Frequency

Your choice of poker table depends on the number of people you usually host for the game, as well as the frequency of the games. A single table can sit up to 10 people; increasing the number would only give the players a chance to look at each other’s hands. If you have more than 10 players, you can install a second table and spread out the players evenly in the two tables. If you host poker games at least one night every week, or intend to, a single custom-built table may suffice.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hitting the Sturdy Craps Table and Dispel Fears on Rolling the Dice

Rolling in at a craps table can be exhilarating even as a crowd builds up and cheers with your every roll. When that is one of many quality craps tables for sale that companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing have, it may be a more different experience, but why should you try the game to begin with? Easy Buy-In Buying into a craps game will not be that hard on your wallet. The blog writer said you can expect to pay not more than $10 worth of chips at the most, but you do not have to pay for any bets when there’s a roll in play. You will be tasked to do your first roll, or “come out” and mark a point number which you must hit; as long as the dice adds between four and six or eight and ten, you can continue rolling, but your turn ends if you hit seven.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Well-placed Office Furniture Improves Productivity

If you want your employees working better, why not go for an open workspace? Also known as the “collaborative workspace”, the open office plan has done away with cubicles and partitions, arranging individual working stations close to each other, with a space intended for group activities set right in the middle. The purpose of such a plan is to encourage collaboration and communication among employees.

To achieve the objectives of any office space plan, however, the furniture has to be carefully selected. For example, modular office furniture may be used for the open, collaborative space; while elegant, executive office furniture would be appropriate in areas where employees can focus on getting work done without much distraction.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Placing Billiard Tables in Your Home: Try Making Some Room First!

Anyway you put it, a billiard table is always a great piece of entertainment for family and friends. In some cases, there are ace cue stars who started their journey at a dingy pool hall and spent hours working on their game. If you’re in need of a pool table for your house to practice your cue skills, a company like Pharaoh Manufacturing can hook you up with a few custom billiard tables for sale. There are some locations that can be worth putting your new table in. Garage A pool table for the garage can be amenable as long as you want it as the centerpiece. You may need to remodel the garage as another room and measure the dimensions. Some experts claim that the regular size of a pool table for home use is eight feet long, with a play area’s dimensions measuring 44 inches by 88. You may need to reevaluate your insulation and ventilation options, as the humidity may affect the playing surface.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Before you Make your Game Room

You are excited about designing your very own game room, a place you feel you can use to unwind from the stress and fatigue of a long workday.  Before you order all your equipment, consider the room itself and how it should look.  Here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, think of where you will set up your game room. Will it be at a corner of the living room, in the basement, or a spare room in the house? The usual choice would be the basement, because it’s away from the hustle and bustle upstairs, and has enough space for all your gaming equipment, and then some. Any room in your house will do, as long as it allows enough privacy for other people to do their business.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Unknown Benefits of Playing Poker

Professional poker is more than just gambling an exorbitant amount of money; to poker fans, the game can actually teach you a thing or two about life. Before you even play for the high stakes and you probably have every intention to, why not get yourself a custom poker table and practice all you need until you acquire the skills of a pro.

Poker enhances your computing skills. Studies have proven that those who play competitive poker are sharpening their expertise at probabilities with every bet they place. An aptitude in math helps, but so do a bit of psychology in reading body language and knowing enough to play your skill level to be able to read the players and the cards on the table.

Craps Table Etiquette

Craps is known as a rather boisterous game with players gathered all around the table bursting in excitement. However, the seeming rowdiness doesn’t mean there’s a complete lack of etiquette.

-       Never put your money down while a player is rolling/about to roll the dice, especially when you’re buying in for chips. All craps players are looking to win, and putting your money down prematurely causes a disruption that may seven-out a game.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

How do Billiards, Snooker, and Pool Differ?

To the untrained eye, billiards, pool, and snooker may seem identical where in each, the game is played by trying to hit a ball into a table pocket through a strike against a cue ball. Highly similar as they may seem to be to each other, the three games differ in various ways.

Balls – Their balls differ in size. In pool, the standard size is 2 ¼ inches, while ball sizes in snooker vary according to country. Americans use larger, 2 1/8-inch balls, while the British use smaller, 2 1/16-inch ones. Billiard ball size also vary by geography and design, but in general, billiard balls are larger than both pool and snooker balls.

Slate: The Best Surface for the Best Pool Tables

Ever wondered why pool tables are incredibly heavy? That’s (partly) because they’re built with one of the heaviest and most durable naturally-occurring materials on the planet: slate. Yes, underneath that greenish cloth on the best pool tables is a rock that you’ll also find in walkways and roofs.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Make Work Beyond Regular Hours Attractive with Modern Office Furniture

Today's manufacturers are aware of the new statistics. Their awareness is displayed in their furniture's thoughtful designs and specialized functions. Due to their efforts to make furnishings even more ergonomic, modern office furniture has never been as comfortable and attractive as it is now.

Hard workers need not suffer in a computer chair for more than 10 hours; today's corporate chairs and sofas have been re-conceptualized and designed for maximum comfort. Desks and tables, too, have been refined. Companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing have placed a premium on using only the finest hard and exotic wood, and on selecting classic colors for their products.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Turning Your Office into a Home with Modern Home Office Furniture

Storage and comfort are among the most important factors in an office. You have to make sure that you use simple storing systems at home to keep your files organized, especially if you will be setting up shop in a small room. On the other hand, you can achieve comfort in your home office by choosing ergonomically designed modern home office furniture that also meets your needs and tastes.

Currently, companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing make varieties of quality home office furniture available. Today's designs are suggestive of the trending desire to mix hominess and professionalism. Among the materials that actualize this combination are leather, Formica, Veneer, aluminum, and hardwood.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Heightening Gaming Experience with the Right Pool Tables For Sale

Indeed, perhaps all pool players can agree on the importance of having the best and most beautiful pool tables to play at, as this only enhances their gaming experience. Organizers for a ball championship usually try to find high-quality pool tables for sale with the proper surface, where players can take any kind of shot they want, at any speed they want.

Those who want to enhance the excitement of their gaming experience should ask expert pool table manufacturers like Pharaoh Manufacturing to create custom-made game furniture that will suit their needs and specifications.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Increasing Employees' Drive and Motivation with Custom Pool Tables

To produce the finest work possible, people often need a healthy mixture of motivation, privacy, and relaxation in their own office spaces. More and more companies are realizing this fact and are beginning to adapt the design and furnishings at their workplaces to address their employees' needs.

One of the easiest ways to enhance employee satisfaction is to set up an office recreational area where everyone can move freely. An article from Simple Web reveals why installing custom pool tables in your workplace can help motivate and push your employees to do better at their work:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Purchasing a Poker Table for Sale, the First Step Toward Superstardom?

When winning before the final round of bets, the winning hand does not have to be revealed. However, you can reveal your cards if you want to play mind games with your opponents. Showing your entire hand, or even just one card, can help you control the flow of the game and plant a few seeds of doubt in your opponents’ minds.

Be sure to get these skills down pat before playing with the high rollers in the casinos, or entering a poker tournament. If you are interested in purchasing a modern poker table or new poker table felt, be sure to only deal with reputable suppliers like Pharaoh Manufacturing.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Project Ideas from the Game Room Addition to Burbank’s Story Tavern

A recreation room can add a lot of value to any home or establishment, especially if it is designed with the utmost care for detail. In Burbank, California, that is what one local tavern did their best to accomplish, and the results are no less than fantastic. Natural wood finishes dominate the entirety of the patio and game room additions recently incorporated into the Story Tavern, which also hearken strongly to the establishment’s rich ties with local history.

The tavern takes its name from Burbank’s first mayor, Thomas Story, whose family occupied the hardware store that once stood on the establishment’s present site.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Action, Chance, and the Craps Table: The Basics of the Craps Game

A craps table can accommodate up to eight players, and each one could be the shooter. According to

If you think this game is exciting enough to play at your next casino night party, then you should start looking for durable craps tables for sale. Firms like Pharaoh Manufacturing should be able to provide you with a quality, casino-standard table made from only the hardiest materials.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sure Shots: Opting for Customized Billiard Tables to Meet Your Needs

There's no question that one of the main concerns of people who are planning to purchase pool or billiard tables for their homes is where they will install them. A game room would be the best place to have these tables, though one might need to either build one from scratch or convert an existing one, as a blog from Decorating Studio suggests. Either way, you might need to shell out significant amounts of money on top of your expenses for the table itself.

Building a new room is great—if you have the money. What if your funds are limited and you badly want that pool table? In such cases, the best thing to do is to go for a customized one.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tips on Selecting Modern Office Furniture: Bring a Bit of Character

When purchasing office furniture desks, go for ones that not only look good, but are also functional. Essentially, the style should match the image of the room, and it should also subtly blend with the existing decor. You may also consider having ergonomic custom office furniture offered by suppliers like Pharaoh Manufacturing so you can be hands-on with your desired style.

The type of material should also be included on the list. Whether you opt for metal or wood, what matters is that it suits your budget and needs. Moreover, the process of selecting a stylish modern office furniture can be simplified if you work with reputable craftsmen in the field.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Ergonomic Custom Home Office Furniture: A Little Know How Before Investing

Designing home office spaces can be tricky, since a lot of people would probably prioritize the aesthetic aspect. However, experts would like to emphasize that if you can discern your needs from wants, such as having modern home office furniture, then you can easily make an educated decision.

Since you will be working for longer hours at your office space, it is important that you have an ergonomic custom home office furniture, a brand new chair for that matter. Purchasing quality office chairs from reputable suppliers like Pharaoh Manufacturing is always worth the price, since you really cannot compromise quality.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shopping for Pool Tables for Sale? Maintenance Tips You Should Know

If you live with a pet or two, you might want to keep them away from walking around or sleeping on your pool table. Similarly, whenever someone spills something on the table, be sure to have it spot-cleaned immediately. Moisture damage is one of the worst things that could befall your pool table, and it will damage not only the appearance of the felt, but its very structural integrity itself.

If you are aiming for a really durable and long-lasting, not to mention stylish and customized pool table for sale, then be ready to shell out. Nevertheless, as long as you take good care of your equipment and never leave it to disuse and neglect, it will always be an investment well spent on.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Perfect Man Cave: Choosing the Right Room for Custom Pool Tables

If you want to customize your rec room set, you should look into choosing custom pool tables from reputable distributors like Pharaoh Manufacturing. However, even if you don’t exactly have a set space for your personal man cave at home, you can still buy a table, and then it’s all just a matter of looking for the right spot to put it in.

The great thing about durable modern pool tables is that they can now be customized to a shape and color that speaks to you or your place in general. This makes it a lot easier to fit into your home like the perfect puzzle piece that it’s always been missing.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Poker Table for Sale: Things to Remember Before Buying that Table

These work as an additional treat. Extra features like table colors and stylish logos work to add accents to both your table and room. More and more poker tables are debuting in various materials and looks to suit more preferences.

It isn't poker without the perfect table. Don't let an ill-fitting poker table make you put that poker face on even before the games start. Get assistance from reliable game furniture companies, like Pharaoh Manufacturing, to get a good idea of the available varieties of tables out in the market. You can even choose to get custom poker tables, should you want something fancier.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Game is On: Bringing Design – and the Poker – to the Game Room

Visualizing your game room beforehand enables you to know what type of game purchases you need to make. This also reminds you of the need to measure these items to make sure it fits the area in the room properly. Kelly says that "this will help you narrow down the actual games and furniture you can fit."

For example, if you prefer traditional home poker and live in a state like California where it is permitted, you need quality custom Round Poker tables which a game room furniture company like Pharaoh Manufacturing can provide you.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Value of Understanding Craps Table Mechanics for a Better Game

The article Steve wrote emphasizes on observing the table's dynamics as well as its intended functions. Though most craps tables are made to order, one should still be aware of the qualities that may affect the game once it starts. After all, craps is still a game of precision.

Knowing more about craps tables and their structure will be beneficial in playing the game. Interested folks can turn to companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing for more information on gaming tables, as well as options for gaming fixtures, like craps table for sale.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Simple Tips for Buying Your Own Billiards Table for Home Entertainment

For some people, having a personal billiards table in the house is a dream come true. It makes for a good way to entertain family and friends, and it’s a good way to relax at the end of a long day.

As a very popular indoor sport, billiards is something that could be enjoyed by many, and it’s not difficult to imagine having a celebration at home, with people gathering around the table.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pharaoh Manufacturing Offers Personalized Modern Office Furniture

Pharaoh Manufacturing is offering a high-quality modern office furniture selection that can be personalized to meet the needs and demands of customers. The company uses some of the finest materials and their extensive knowledge in furniture making to come up with elegant and functional designs.

Some businesspeople aspire to improve the way their offices look, not only to make them more appealing to visitors but also to create an aura of excellence.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pharaoh Manufacturing Offers Customized Modern Home Office Furniture

Pharaoh Manufacturing is offering a selection of modern home office furniture, designed to bring more comfort and enhance the productivity of customers who choose to work at home. By using their vast experience along with some of the best quality materials available, they are able to customize the furniture to meet even the most demanding requests of their clients.

Some executives choose to turn their homes into their personal offices in order to cut transportation costs and conserve their energy spent outside.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pharaoh Manufacturing Offers Customizable Premium Pool Tables for Sale

With a reputation for quality to back its products, a trusted game room and office furniture manufacturer from Glendale, California, is offering customizable premium pool tables for sale. With industry experience that traces back to more than 20 years, Pharaoh Manufacturing has made it their goal to achieve customer satisfaction with every table that they produce.

To provide a wide a range of choices for their customers, Pharaoh Manufacturing offers various table designs in a number of distinct product lines.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pharaoh Manufacturing Designs, Crafts High-Quality Custom Pool Tables

Pharaoh Manufacturing, a renowned manufacturer of premium game room and office furniture, is offering to design and craft high-quality custom pool tables for clients. The Glendale-based company has expressed their desire to work closely with its customers to bring to life their vision of a perfect game room.

With over 20 years of experience in the gaming and office furniture industries, Pharaoh Manufacturing has strived to produce pool table designs that are innovative and responsive to customers’ needs.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Pharaoh Manufacturing Offers Stylish Custom Poker Tables for Sale

Pharaoh Manufacturing, one of the leading makers of quality gaming furniture, is offering custom poker tables for sale. Through their choice of exceptional, exotic materials, they are able to come up with stylish designs that provide a sophisticated appeal for private and commercial clients.

The game of poker is one of the fastest-rising card games as casinos continue to offer different variants of poker games. Private individuals also play the game at the comfort of their homes while international tournaments like the World Series of Poker (WSOP) also add to the game's popularity.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pharaoh Manufacturing Offers Customized Game Room Sets for Homeowners

Pharaoh Manufacturing is offering fully customized game room sets for homeowners. Using select high-grade materials and exceptional customization skills, they are able to personalize the items to meet their clients' requirements.

Most homeowners who wish to add more value to their new houses or upgrade their existing homes opt to add gaming and recreational rooms. Not only do these rooms provide a means for relaxing and unwinding, they also serve as excellent spaces for accommodating guests.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pharaoh Manufacturing Offers Fully Customizable Craps Table Designs

Whatever the customizations specified by the buyer, the company uses the finest materials available for any of the components from the legs to the playing surface to the finishing. Whether they prefer Formica or a veneer finish, customers can expect a high-quality gaming table delivered to their specified location, local or international.

Pharaoh Manufacturing proudly offers a range of gaming and office furniture handcrafted to meet the customer’s specifications. Interested parties who are looking for craps tables for sale may visit and follow the steps to customize their order.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Pharaoh Manufacturing Features Sleek, High-Quality Billiard Tables

Glendale, California (January 17, 2014) – Pharaoh Manufacturing is offering high-quality billiard tables that come in various styles and sizes all tailored according to the buyer’s preferences. The renowned company prides itself in providing local and international clients with handmade gaming and office furniture, all featuring artistry and craftsmanship that does not sacrifice function.

For more than two decades, the company has committed itself in ensuring customer satisfaction through innovative designs evident from the smallest details on each of the products offered.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Modern Office Furniture for The Changing Times

Workplace layouts continue to evolve and grow further away from the cubicle setting. Work patterns also continue to diversify into something more flexible and collaborative.

In a dynamic business environment, it's important for companies to embrace change. How can business owners adopt the current workplace strategies? It's really simple. Here are some things you can do to keep up with the times:

Adopt an open plan office

Open plan spaces provide a more interactive environment and enable employees to communicate more with their co-workers. Unlike doing jobs in separate offices, it's easier to delegate tasks and discuss ideas with everyone in close proximity. It can also promote good personal and professional relationships between colleagues, which helps boost morale and productivity.

Get better equipment

Old electronics usually take up a lot of unnecessary space. Acquire all-in-one machines to replace fax machines, scanners, printers, and copiers, and strategically place them in accessible areas enables workers to perform efficiently.

Allocate communal spaces

A communal space can be simultaneously used for eating, working, or meeting. Flexibility is key, so when outfitting meeting spaces, choose modern office furniture that's multifunctional and elegant at the same time. Design it well so that workers will actually want to hang out in it, and so that they will be inspired to find new, innovative solutions.

The changing work environment compels companies to adopt different ways to respond to different project requirements. With various functional spaces, adaptable furniture, and the right technology, businesses will no doubt move forward.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Why You Should Invest in Modern Office Furniture

If you are one of the new breed of businessmen who are planning to set up an office at home, then listen closely. It is imperative for you to plan how your office will look and factor in certain elements that will affect your comfort and productivity. One of the areas you should take careful time to look into is your choice of furniture, and one of the best decisions you can make is to go for the modern, contemporary types.

Modern is functional

One of the main reasons to go for modern office furniture is the functionality and flexibility they bring. Compared to their older and traditional counterparts, these types of furniture are designed to maximize space and feature innovations that make life easier in terms of filing documents and arranging them in an organized manner with maximum ease.

Change of atmosphere

One more benefit of investing in modern office furniture is their ability to change the atmosphere of any room or space into something that is serious and professional. This is important because you would want to work in an environment that is conducive for business, and having the right kinds of furniture surrounding you will give you that much-needed working vibe.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Questions for Buying Used Pool Tables

Buying used pool tables for sale could be trickier than buying a brand new one simply because they have already been used.  You need to determine if it's worth buying or not, or else you may end up spending more for repairs. Here's a guide on how to check those used pool tables for sale:

First, do research on the table, especially its size. Does it fit your gaming room? Will there be enough space for the players to move around when it's in the room? 

Next question, check the felt/cloth (the top most part of the pool table). Is it in good condition? Is it ripped or does it have stains? Has the color faded so much that it looks worn out? 

For the Slate (the portion under the felt/cloth), does it have cracks?  Is it still even? Is it at least ¾ inch or 1-inch?

In the case of the wooden part and the pool pockets, check if there are holes or if they are brittle or torn. Did termites or other insects work their way in to munch through the wood?

Lastly, when it comes to pool table accessories, see first if they are complete. Are they in good shape, with no scratches or chipped pieces? Are the rack and cue sticks in good condition?

These are all basic questions yet very important ones too. Sometimes when we get excited, we tend to overlook things, and that's why you'll need to be extra careful.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Increasing Demand for Custom Pool Tables

Gone are the days of playing pool or billiards on a plain gaming table. While dull and old-fashioned pool tables still exist, increasingly more modern pieces of gaming furniture are now available to make for an exceptional billiard game. Makers of these kinds of furniture take pride in their personalized designs made from custom felt and other unique features that complement the owner’s style preference.

When it comes to gaming, many people don’t skimp on enjoyment. Several factors can affect a player's experience, and among them is the environment. Who would enjoy playing pool at an eyesore of a table (i.e. dull colors, poor playbed or absence of slate underlay, rough felt)?

Pool aficionados who have the cash to burn can take pride in owning and playing on custom, more stylish pool tables. Additional accessories can be incorporated into your personalized billiards table, especially when you have specific design or material preference for table pockets, rails, and frames. There is a wide variety of unique designs available, but going for custom ones will give you more benefits and satisfaction.

Nevertheless, it can be expensive to invest in custom-made pool tables. While gaming companies are certainly the ones who benefit most from this venture, there is no stopping for individuals seeking maximum gaming pleasure. In fact, there is a continuous increase in the demand for customized gaming furniture, particularly when aiming to further enhance the look and feel of a particular gaming room.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Buying Your Own Poker Table: “All-In” or “Fold”?

You love the game of poker and you frequent the neighborhood casino just to get the rush that comes with betting and bluffing. It's no surprise; poker is a truly exciting game, to the extent that it has prompted thousands of individuals to buy poker tables and have them installed right in the comfort of their own homes.

Nobody can stop you from putting up your own poker room at home but will it really be a good investment? What are the key factors that should make you go “all-in” or “fold”? Here are some important ones that will help you in your decision.

  1. Budget

Before thinking of buying a particular poker table, you must first have a budget to work with. This will keep you from overspending and buying things which you might regret in the future.

  1. Space concerns

Next, you will need to consider the space the poker table will take up inside your game room. Keep in mind that you should never compromise your comfort as this may affect the way you and your friends play.

  1. Durability

Lastly, you should factor in how often you plan to use the poker table. If you see yourself using it frequently, then better invest in something made of sturdy materials.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Convert a Vacant Room to a Game Room

A game room is one of the best places you can let loose and unwind.  Whether it is a place to relieve yourself of stress from the daily grind or to entertain your guests during parties, the game room is an entertainment paradise right inside your own home.

When transforming any space into your very own in-house game room, here are some tips that you may want to consider:

First, look at the space that you plan to use. Imagine the furniture, games, and accessories that can fit in it. Once you think the place is enough for your future gaming haven, then clear the room out and clean it.

Second, check if the area is conducive enough for leisure. If the place is too stuffy and has a hot/cold ambiance, take steps to change this.  You can start painting the walls, have more ventilation, and add fixtures if the place is too dim. If the floor is uncomfortable to step on, try placing carpets and rugs; if you have extra money, consider installing some hardwood.

The final step is turning your game room into reality. Envision how the place is going to look like. Know the game furniture that you'd be interested to buy and know where to put them.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tips for Craps Beginners

Craps can be an intimidating game for many beginners due to the abundance of markings on the table. Hopefully, this short guide can help you understand how to start shooting dice:

Pass Line Bet

When you approach the craps table, look to see if the puck is flipped over to read “OFF”. If the puck is marked as “OFF”, you can play a pass line bet, which you will place on the pass line marker. After all bets have been made, the shooter will then roll the dice with the following results:

·         7 or 11 on first roll: EVERYONE wins
·         2, 3, 12 on first roll: EVERYONE loses

If the number is other than those numbers, the puck is then flipped over the marker with the number that was just rolled. Now the objective of the shooter will be to roll that number again before rolling a 7. Should the shooter roll the number again, everyone wins while rolling a 7 would mean everyone loses. If neither number was rolled, the shooter rolls again until there is a result.

Although there are other types of bets in the game, beginners are advised to stay with pass line bets as it is the easiest to follow and has a good chance of winning. As you become more familiar with the game, you can then try other types.

Monday, January 6, 2014

It Felt So Right

The felt is one of the more important parts of a pool table. It’s the place where your cue sticks and the frame balls see action– and where dreams are made and shattered. Any way you put it, a good felt sheet will help enhance the appearance of that dream table you want for your den, so how do you pick the best fit?

Start by analyzing your game room’s overall finish and taking note of their various design cues. They will include the colors of the paneling, the floor, and various pieces of furniture. Think about the potential mood and atmosphere you’re eyeing for the room as well. Once you have the above points down pat, you can then consult your table maker regarding your preferences.

It is important for the colors of the felt to meld succinctly with the rest of the room and avoid potential eyesore issues. For instance, some veteran players are not keen on using felt of any shade of red because the color can affect their perception of the ball and eventually their performance. In many respects, if your room is meant to show your affinity for a team, you may consider having the felt emblazoned with the team logo and the pool table itself decked in the team’s official colors.

The felt must be something that will last a long time. You may want to hone your cue skills on the same table for years.