Monday, December 15, 2014

Comfort Goes with Productivity

Human resources keep a business going, distractions hinder on their productivity. That’s why you need to make the work place comfy and inspiring to bring out creativity on them. Free snacks can help as food on a tummy helps the brain. However, if you want them to be comfortable then a functional floor plan with complementing furniture is a must have. 



Take another look on how you do things on your business first in order to have a floor plan that works. If employees require constant communication amongst each other to do the job, then an open floor plan works. If privacy is a must to reach a common objective, then sectioning is a must.




Unfortunately, retail furniture can ruin your floor plan, especially when you did precise measurements on your blueprints. Good thing Pharaoh Manufacturing has your back with a specialization of home office furniture and modern office furniture. They create desks, cabinets, conference tables, office chairs, corner stands, conference tables, and flat screen stands that go with your vision. You won’t have to request it, because they already know that each piece should go with the proper ergonomics that inspire productivity; safety standards that ensure no harm from its use; modularity/flexibility for adjustments in ease; wire management for power access; and aesthetics not only for style, but for inspiration as well. Let’s start the collaboration right by visiting our “How to Order” page at then get in touch with one of our reps at 818.553.6655. They dream office spaces a reality!