Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Custom Pool Tables: From wild & wacky to techie and tacky

Who would have thought that humble pool tables for sale could be created and re-created in so many shapes and forms? While some stuck to the traditional rectangular format and got creative with the materials, others completely changed the look of the pool table and let their imagination run wild.

The Volkswagen bus pool table

This pool table maintains the traditional form except that it is sits lengthwise on top of a headless 1960s Volkswagen camper bus with the front logo, headlights, and tires all intact. A similar version using half of a Ford Mustang is sure to stand out in some car junkie’s game room.

Cuelight interactive pool table

This looks like a normal pool table until the house lights go down and the tabletop lights up. Instead of a felt surface, the table has a pressure-sensitive surface that glows as the balls roll across it. The reactive lights are customizable to simulate everything from water ripples to splashy fireworks.

Banana pool table

This is where all convention goes out the window. The Banana pool table is shaped exactly like the fruit with a yellow tabletop. A similar but simpler idea is the round pool table which makes the game more interesting since there are no corners.

Pool table for swimming pools

A lot of creativity and humor for this concept.  As the name implies, it’s a weatherproof pool table situated in the middle of an outdoor swimming pool so players can “swim while they shark.”