Saturday, December 20, 2014

Decorate with Modern Office Furniture for Upscale Living over the Shop

When you want to create an elegant and compelling home office, you can’t decorate it like everyday workplace cubicles with humdrum desks, chairs, and cabinets. Shop for stylish, upscale furniture built specifically for contemporary executives. Find statement pieces like a plush sofa, a sleek conference table, or accent corner stands to complete the modern look of your office and to improve its functionality, too. When you have specific business or workplace requirements, consult established companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing for high-quality custom office furniture. If you need items printed with your company logo, or bigger-than-the-standard-size seats and tables, for instance, the company can build it for you. Deluxe materials, superior designs, and your choice of colors and fabrics would also be used to satisfy the precise needs of your luxury home over the shop.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Are You Buying Modern Home Office Furniture? Be Picky for Productivity

When furnishing your home office, select items that look professional and make work enjoyable or efficient. Invest on the furniture that you will use every day, such as your seats, tables, and cabinetry. Most especially, find a well-designed chair with ample support for an ideal posture (and a desk with an appropriate height to match), so you can work for long hours comfortably and avoid body pains and strains. Purchasing custom home office furniture, which are offered by companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing, would ensure that you get items which exactly suit your needs. Consult the firm for furniture that fit your preferences or decor style, so you can be on your way to a productive home office setup.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Poker and Pool Tables for Sale: How Many You Need for Hosting Games

Pool tournaments, on the other hand, can have around 6-10 participants. One table can suffice if your players typically watch each other’s games. If you want games to be played side-by-side or if you want to give non-playing participants a chance to practice during a game, you can purchase more tables as long as they fit your room. If you’re planning to host fundraisers or big company events, however, and you have the space for it, consider the sum of your expected participants. Of course, you also need playing accessories and implements like decks of cards, chips and chip cases, billiard balls, cue sticks, etc. Aside from providing a top-of-the-line pool table for sale or a well-designed poker table, leading game furniture producers like Pharaoh Manufacturing offer matching gaming supplies and products to complete your setup.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Comfort Goes with Productivity

Human resources keep a business going, distractions hinder on their productivity. That’s why you need to make the work place comfy and inspiring to bring out creativity on them. Free snacks can help as food on a tummy helps the brain. However, if you want them to be comfortable then a functional floor plan with complementing furniture is a must have. 



Take another look on how you do things on your business first in order to have a floor plan that works. If employees require constant communication amongst each other to do the job, then an open floor plan works. If privacy is a must to reach a common objective, then sectioning is a must.




Unfortunately, retail furniture can ruin your floor plan, especially when you did precise measurements on your blueprints. Good thing Pharaoh Manufacturing has your back with a specialization of home office furniture and modern office furniture. They create desks, cabinets, conference tables, office chairs, corner stands, conference tables, and flat screen stands that go with your vision. You won’t have to request it, because they already know that each piece should go with the proper ergonomics that inspire productivity; safety standards that ensure no harm from its use; modularity/flexibility for adjustments in ease; wire management for power access; and aesthetics not only for style, but for inspiration as well. Let’s start the collaboration right by visiting our “How to Order” page at then get in touch with one of our reps at 818.553.6655. They dream office spaces a reality!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spotting Makes of Custom Pool Tables for Your Cool Office Game Room

Kate Harrison, Forbes contributor, asked tech companies what the most attractive employee perks for them are. Game rooms were one of the resounding responses. In revamping your office lounge, a recreation area would be a good bet to please your staff, and classic games like pool can delight many of your employees, regardless of the generation they belong to. If you already have a great room and you just need to furnish it, here are some tips for spotting a special make of custom pool tables for a cool game room in your office.

Friday, December 12, 2014

It’s Time to Buy Poker Tables for Sale and Get Yourself into the Sport

Since their introduction, card games have been hardly thought of as a sport. After all, the word ‘sport’ tends to connote physical exertion in an outdoor setting, often with a ball. Irene Edith, a contributor to Gaming Today, begs to differ, saying that she can support the proposition that poker qualifies as a sport, and have everyone running to snap up some quality poker tables for sale.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Game Room at Home Means More Fun and Quality Time with Loved Ones

On one hand, forward-thinking homeowners may request their architects to integrate a game room in the home’s design. On the other, resourceful homeowners can simply make the best of what they have, repurposing existing or unused rooms to fit their gaming needs. Whatever they decide on, three prerequisites for game rooms remain: sound-proofing, storage for food and beverages, and comfortable seating. For maximum comfort and luxury, handcrafted game room furniture from companies such as Pharaoh Manufacturing are recommended.

Rookie Mistake!

No man is an island when it comes to the great game of poker. Introverts can have a hard time because this type of gaming offered by casinos requires a lot of socialization. This is due to the fact that you’re not playing against the house, but with other players.

Working with a strategy will not be frowned upon, and it might be safe to assumed it’s encouraged. The downside if you’re a “newbie” is a lot of battle tested veterans out there will eat you for lunch. No matter how much you act cool; you can’t help but give up cues on each hand played. This leads to a lot of frustration instead of fun. 



Practice Should Be Fun.

Becoming a master takes a lot of practice. That’s why you need to take advantage of the game’s social attribute. Setting up poker night with friends would help you build up confidence. And a great opportunity for you to adjust your vibes with bluffing, small talk, betting patterns, and etiquette on the poker table while playing with “small stakes.” This way you build up skill slowly, but surely. While also mastering different types of poker styles namely Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Stud, and Pineapple.


When you have friends come over to help you out for fun, you might want to be the best host by fixing up the game room. People might say they won’t mind playing poker anywhere, but that’s no reason to play on patio furniture. Fix the place up with the right stuff such a proper poker table, cards, chips, and other accessories. This effort will be greatly appreciated, and increases the chance of getting them back over and over for you practice.

And, when you need proper poker table get in touch with where they have all the casino supplies that you need. Don’t forget to be thorough on their site, you might find items that you need that increase the appeal of poker nights among your friends.

Monday, December 8, 2014

What’s a True Man-cave without a Big Flat Screen TV and Craps Table?

You can’t have all the big boy toys in the world, so prioritize the hobby or game you indulge in the most. Will it be the huge flat screen television for watching the big games, or the old-school arcade games? A custom poker table from businesses like Pharaoh Manufacturing would make your poker nights the highlight of everyone’s week. If you like rolling the dice but can’t spring for the custom job, there’s definitely a quality craps table for sale somewhere out there. D├ęcor and furnishing If you plan to establish a theme for your man-cave, start with the room color then work your way down to the decorations, then the furniture and accessories. If the NBA or NFL are what you’re into, hang sports uniforms or team pennants on the wall. If automobiles are your thing, car-themed furniture and scale models should create the perfect atmosphere. Your passion is what will fuel your creativity, so go ahead and have fun with it.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Billiard Tables and Beer Make Growing Older Healthier and More Fun

Having a billiards table at home would not only be convenient for the seniors, but would also give friends and relatives peace of mind, knowing their loved ones are enjoying themselves safely at home rather than in some tavern full of strangers. What’s more, billiard tables can be customized by companies like Pharaoh Manufacturing to meet personal preferences, so the game amenities needn’t be too expensive and adapt to the unique requirements of their players.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Transform a Guestroom Into a Home Office

The best thing about working at home is the combined benefit of comfort and efficiency. It’s a tricky business to balance work productivity especially when you’re surrounded by distractions at home. To make sure that your productiveness does not get squelched by the comforts of working in your own home, set limits and separate yourself from common house interruptions. Instead, create a private working space that you can call your own home office and maximize your space, time, and output creation.

Top 4 Home Office Design Considerations

1.) Equipment. Your home office furniture can either help you increase efficiency or impede your productivity. Find the right equipment and feel like a professional at home.

2.) Lighting. Choose a room that offers a lot of natural sunlight, daylight is an evenly balanced source of white light which is essential to give you the right office vibe.

3.) Privacy. Cancelling out noise and other distractions during home office hours is necessary to help you keep you concentrated on the job to be done.

4.) Get Organized. Having all your office supplies within reach saves you time. The right home office furniture can help you keep things organized.

Make It Your Space

In the long run, the purpose of a home office is to create a space that is a connection to you and your personality while enhancing your productivity. Comfort and style can go hand in hand when making your home office, make sure that the room you convert into your private workspace is a place you enjoying being in. Being able to balance work, comfort, and your own personal style will surely enhance the output you create while inside your home office.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

High Quality Office Furniture Helps Enhance Employee Productivity

Office furniture can speak volumes about a business and the kind of image it wants to project to its market. Thus, a company that wants to stand out and be known for quality service and/or products must also make use of high quality office furniture, such as those from Pharaoh Manufacturing. It is not only the customers that businesses should aim to impress with their furniture, but also the employees. Just as an office space plan has a great effect on employee productivity, so does the furniture. The ideal modern office furniture combines functionality and design to enhance morale, and in the process, improve effectiveness.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Custom Pool Tables: From wild & wacky to techie and tacky

Who would have thought that humble pool tables for sale could be created and re-created in so many shapes and forms? While some stuck to the traditional rectangular format and got creative with the materials, others completely changed the look of the pool table and let their imagination run wild.

The Volkswagen bus pool table

This pool table maintains the traditional form except that it is sits lengthwise on top of a headless 1960s Volkswagen camper bus with the front logo, headlights, and tires all intact. A similar version using half of a Ford Mustang is sure to stand out in some car junkie’s game room.

Buying a Poker Table to Get into the Sport?

There’s an ongoing debate on whether or not card games should be considered as sport. If the common connotation of sport – that is physical exertion in an outdoor setting – is to be factored in, then the debate is won by antagonists.

Definition of “sport”

As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, sport is defined as “a source of diversion” and “physical activity engaged in for pleasure”. Both descriptions fit poker perfectly. We play poker to distract ourselves and escape temporarily from the real world, while sitting at the table and focusing on the dealt cards is a form of physical activity, at least for the brain. If chess is classified as a sedentary sport, then maybe poker should be as well.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tips for Buying Quality Home Office Furniture for Optimum Productivity

Choosing modern home office furniture also depends on how stay-at-home workers plan to use their space. A good option for maximizing space is the L-shaped layout, where one side of an L-shaped desk is placed against the wall. This layout provides sufficient room for people to use their computer equipment, keep paper files within reach, while giving them leeway to move around. Consider ergonomics Using computers for work tasks make people prone to repetitive stress injuries or RSI. To minimize RSI, people can use an ergonomic chair. This chair provides them with enough support for their back while they maintain an upright and relaxed arch position. This chair also allows them to rest their feet firmly on the ground while they work. Some manufacturers offer elegant swivel chairs that come with a height adjusting mechanism.

Tips on Designing Your Own Game Room

It’s the ultimate way to entertain guests, it’s a sure way to be the favorite house on the block, it’s fun for all and increasing in popularity. Personal game rooms are the dream for most people who are tired of their dark and damp basement or their dusty and cluttered attics and want to maximize the use of the available space. The trick to designing your own entertainment area is to consider the overall look and feel of the room, since you will be spending a lot of time within those four walls. The problem most people encounter when designing and decorating their game room is figuring out how to make it look attractive while maintaining a sense of fun and ease. Here are some tips to consider:

Location, Lighting, and Lifestyle

It’s all about the location. If you have a basement that’s not being put to use, you can transform this underground room into an entertainment palace. An attic is also a good choice as natural sunlight can save you from expensive electric bills.

Lights, camera, time to get your game on. Mood lighting can give you a welcoming ambiance and make you feel relaxed. Fancy chandeliers with low wattage light bulbs are the most popular choice of lighting as it sets a romantic feel.

A luxurious lifestyle. Whether you are planning to create a home movie theater or a casinoesque acropolis, the way you design your entertainment room should depend on the lifestyle you are comfortable with.

Other Basics on Game Room Design

Since you have determined the most important aspects of your design, the small details will also help in creating the optimal look. Don’t forget to consider these following elements: 

• Optimal air flow.

• Classy and comfortable seating.

• Carpeting to match the floors.

• Painting, images, and books add a personal touch.

• Keep everything organized and avoid clutter.

• Finally, mood music should never be forgotten.

Game rooms are the ultimate source of entertainment, don’t miss out on any of the fun and build the entertainment center of your dreams now.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Tips on Decorating with Modern Office Furniture

Owners of small or large businesses are very mindful of efficiency when using resources. Time and space, for instance, are valuable resources that shouldn’t be wasted. One way they conserve them is by turning one of the rooms in their home into an office where they can do their job. This way, they can avoid traveling to their distant workplace and make the most of their homes’ idle spaces at the same time.

Planning to Add a Game Room?

There are many ways to enhance the value of your property. One of these is adding a game room to your home. Whether it’s a new room attached to your existing building or a touched up cellar, your game room can also be key to a stress-free living. Here, you don’t have to spend as much money in every game as you do in a real casino. You can play as much as you want and lose nothing.