Monday, November 24, 2014

Enjoy Game Nights with the Ideal Poker Table

Poker night at your house would look a lot better if it were around a proper poker table and not the kitchen dining table. Thus, for more serious game fun, you’ll need to pick and purchase the right poker table. Here are some tips:

Group Size and Game Frequency

Your choice of poker table depends on the number of people you usually host for the game, as well as the frequency of the games. A single table can sit up to 10 people; increasing the number would only give the players a chance to look at each other’s hands. If you have more than 10 players, you can install a second table and spread out the players evenly in the two tables. If you host poker games at least one night every week, or intend to, a single custom-built table may suffice.

Table Size

Poker tables come in either oval or circular shapes. You must measure the room area to determine which shape would fit well, factoring in additional seating or moving room to make the overall setup comfortable.

“Felt” Surface

Part of the poker experience is seeing how smoothly the cards slide across the table, and the quality of the poker table’s surface has a major role in it. Table surfaces aren’t actually made of “felt”, though players have been using the term, as felt isn’t that smooth. Speed cloth—composed of olefin and polyester—is the common material utilized, while velveteen is preferred for lower-end versions.