Monday, November 24, 2014

Factors to Consider When Buying Pool Tables

Cue sports and games are an effective math skill-enhancing activity for your children. If you want them to love what most people don’t—numbers—in a pretty exciting way, consider putting up a pool table in your house. Parents should look into these key features when shopping for pool tables if they want to enjoy a hassle- and accident-free game of pool every day with their kids:


A good number of pool table makers attest to the usefulness of slate as a table top. Slate is the most fitting material since it can easily be ground, guaranteeing an even and flat surface. In addition, the fact that slate is essentially a rock or shale is a big plus, since it equals optimum durability.


Slate is a popular material used in the table’s frame, too, but it’s not the only option. Buyers can look into a wide variety of solid hardwood materials. Among those that provide ample support for a slate top are oak, maple, ash, and American black walnut.


A durable top and frame is useless if the pool table’s legs are not strong enough to bear the weight. The legs take the most toll when players lean against the table to take a shot, or even sit atop the equipment. For this reason, buyers should look into sturdy materials like slate and hardwood for the legs as well.