Thursday, December 5, 2013

Craps: Basic Facts About the Casino Game

When you walk into any casino and you see people buzzing at a long, green, felt-covered table, you've probably walked in on another exciting game of craps. People enjoy this game because it gives them a bigger chance at winnings in a minimal amount of time. However, there are a couple of things you should be familiar with before you start playing.

The Table
The long craps table comes with an intricate diagram on the table top, which shows spaces for corresponding types of bets. The center of the table is reserved for Hardways and One Roll bets while the ends of the table have sections for the Pass Line, Come, Place, Field, and other bets. Note that each end of the table mirrors the other.

The Workers
Four workers man a craps table. The boxperson, at the center, oversees the game. He settles disputes, handles money, and ensures that each game is carried out well. There are also three dealers at each table. Two, standing beside the boxperson, pay off winnings and take in losses accurately. The third dealer is called a stickperson. He handles the dice and talks up the game.

The Discipline

It's easy to get lost in all the fun of a craps game but one should note that this is a game of trends. Learn to grab every opportunity to wager as much as you can afford when you find a good trend, and be on guard for a bad one.