Friday, December 20, 2013

What to Consider When Buying a New Pool Table

Buying a pool table is expensive business, so whether you’re purchasing a new one or a pre-owned table, make sure you keep the following considerations in mind:
  1. Quality. The quality of the pool table you are purchasing is, of course, one of the most important aspects about a pool table that a buyer will have in mind. Pool table quality boils down to a couple of things, so it’s often best to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of a good table.
  2. Size. Although, ideally, it’s usually best to purchase a table that meets the regulation requirements of the types of games you most enjoy playing, the size of the pool table becomes an important factor to consider when you don’t have a room at home that can comfortably house a regulation-sized behemoth. Before heading out to buy a pool table, measure the room you plan to place it in and consult one of the many pool table sizing guides on the internet to find a size that fits.
  3. Price. In the world of pool tables, more expensive is usually better. A more expensive pool table is almost guaranteed to last longer than a less expensive one, will cause less faults and create more enjoyment during play, and will have a better resale value. Quality pool tables tend to last for several generations, so you can treat the added expense as an investment.