Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Differences Between Pool and Billiards

It’s a common mistake for people to make; they think that pool and billiards are just the same type of game. After all, you have a table, a set of balls, and cue. Therefore it’s easy to make that mistake. In retrospect, both pool and billiards are considered as “cue sports”, which are a group of sports that are played with a cue stick and billiard balls. These are played on a cloth covered table which either have a rubber or leather cushion boundaries. Being placed under cue sports is actually the only similarity between the two, and their differences are numerous


Cloth Type, Balls, Cues, and Table Size

To dive deeper into the difference between the two cue sports, we have to consider what factors are included in their differentiation; namely the following mentioned above.


Which Table Is for You?

Now that you can determine the difference between pool and billiards, you can choose which one is the better addition to your game room. Although in hindsight, whichever you choose a pool table or a billiards table, either one will make a great source of entertainment for your guests.