Monday, February 2, 2015

Wood Options for Furniture: High Grade Formica or Veneer

There is something exquisite with furniture made out of wood. The elegance, beauty, and craftsmanship is hard to deny, especially on a high-quality piece. In the market today, there are more options available to those who are interested in customizing their furniture. From pool tables to home office furniture, clients now have the choice to choose the type of wood to be used. The options are High Grade Formica or Fine Wood Veneer finishes.

Advantages of High Grade Formica

The biggest perk of High Grade Formica is the resistant surface laminate. This type of wood is created form a special phenol and papers which forms a scratch- and stain-resistant surface. This particular type of Formica is best used for commercial settings where the furniture has to undergo rough wear and tear, but should maintain its original luster and beauty. Choices for a Formica finish aren’t just limited to normal mood patterns; there are also solid glossy Formica colors and for something a little different, there is a textured Formica finish option.

The Classy Fine Wood Veneer Finish

Although it’s a common misconception that furniture with veneer incorporation are of lower quality compared to the solid wood pieces, this isn’t true at all. Dating back to the masterpieces of the Egyptians, veneers were already a part of their woodworks, which has stood the test of time. Wood Veneers today are built to be extremely flexible and durable, while maintaining its beauty and finesse. Opting Wood Veneers as a wood choice would make any furniture a wonderful addition to your game room.